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What We Do

Leela Electronics is the pioneer in Computer Rentals. At Leela Electronics we provide Latest Computer and allied accessories on rent at competitive Rental rates, we provide the best price for computer rentals in Cochin.
Leela Electronics provides LCD Projectors On rental Basis at Cochin, we also Provide LCD TV, Portable Map Screens, Laser Pointers, Wireless presenters, and Other Visual equipment On rent / Lease at Cochin.
Leela Electronics provides Apple Mac Computers On rental Basis at Cochin, we also Provide Apple MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, Ipad, On Rent / Lease at Cochin.

Leela Electronics - Computer Rentals in Cochin for your Business

The business of Digital Age has come out of the mundane cubicles and boring boardrooms. To help your business grow ‘on the move’, the Leela Electronics the best computer rentals in Cochin, offers the most varied and completely customizable computer rental services inclusive of all the peripherals. LEDs, LCDs, Computers, Laptops, Servers, Back-Ups, Memory Utilities, Projectors and every other digital peripheral you might need to make the business grow. Apple, Dell, HP, Compaq – we have all the brands with maximum customization and free maintenance during the rental tenure that makes us the best partner for all kinds of business ventures. We are at your disposal with the best computing solutions at the best rates.

Why Choose Leela Electronics to Rent a Computer?

The Leela Electronics boasts of high quality services that come with complete support of all kinds such as service, installation, dismantling and event management of the equipment during the rental tenure along with the best equipment that is customized as per your preferences and never fails you. One of the best computer rentals in cochin, Leela Electronics offers the best rates for computer rentals, all brands such as Apple, Dell, HP etc, software and hardware configurations and the best possible computer services. With Leela Electronics at your disposal, you don’t have to worry a bit about anything.

Save time, money, and energy with computer rentals

Computer rentals are becoming a trend these days. Rentals allow you to complete your task without having to deal with the daunting task of carrying huge equipment from one place to another. But Poor Quality, False Promises, Terminal Incompatibility, Poor Assistance in Management and installing the equipment and lots of other issues ail the whole process of computer rentals. Leela Electronics promises you nothing but the best and ensures saving of all resources – Time, Money and Energy. You just have to place an order and we reach before you at the venue with the best equipment that is customized as per your preferences and all you have to do is your work. Installation, management, dismantling of big set-ups and free of cost service during the rental tenure makes us the best in the market.

Customised and scalable rental solutions for computers

The Leela Electronics is your best technology partner for computer rentals that drives all kinds of business requirements that are digital in nature. If you want to have a MacBook Air with the latest software configuration and the tools of your choice installed for conducting a seminar at some place away from your hometown, call us. Suppose you want to start a new office branch at a new city but don’t know the number of people that might join or don’t have enough capital for purchasing everything, leave the computers and peripherals to us. Then you want to rent a few high-end terminals for 6 months to work on the client side, we are there.